Item quality description and photo documentation

Item quality description and photo documentation

VIVIDO pays close attention to objective description and photo documentation of each item offered in the E-shop. Our goal is to provide the customer with the maximum information about the subject so that he decides to buy it. We try to present all important details but at the same time do not hide the shortcomings that the offered subject may contain. In photo documentation we follow the following principles:

  • The first photo always represents an overall view of the item on offer, each additional photo showing its parts or details.
  • We always use a neutral background to take photos so that the item on offer is clearly identifiable.
  • In case of philately the front and back of the stamp are always presented. In case of a series of stamps, the whole series is always presented first and then the reverse of the hole series. For some series of stamps, all stamps are presented separately or only in the highest catalogue value of a particular series.
  • We try to present philatelistic material (except for entire collections) outside albums or trays so that translucent tapes do not distort details.
  • If the item contains an important detail (author’s signature, expert mark, etc.), it is highlighted in the photo. The same applies to possible defects that an item may contain.
  • For larger-scale items (entire collections, albums, etc.) it is not possible to include all the details by photo documentation. In this case the maximum volume of photographs shall be presented in such a way as to provide together with the description of the item an objective view of the scope and quality of the item offered.
  • With numismatic material in addition to the front (averse) and back (reverse) we also try to present the edge of the coin or medal. Of course, this does not apply to PROOF sets or larger-scale collections.

Our goal is to provide the customer with the maximum information so that he can quickly decide to buy a particular item. If the information presented is insufficient, we will be happy to provide further details upon request. Please pay attention to the description and photo documentation of a particular item to avoid any misunderstanding.

Indication of the quality level of an item

From the beginnings of collecting people have tried to lay down rules for determining the quality of collected items. Whether for coins, stamps, banknotes or other objects, they began to use different markings so that their condition – quality can be described. Our aim is certainly not to introduce new rules for assessing the quality of collectors’ items or to open a debate about which system is better. In any case, the photo documentation, which is the most important for the item offered, is complemented by its description, which always contains information about its condition or quality. To describe the quality level of the item, we try to use the internationally established designations listed and explained below.

Sekcia filatelia (známky)

Designation used by VIVIDO Other designation Meaning Abbreviated Description
MNH ** Mint Never Hinged Unused stamp without mount with original gum
MH * Mint Hinged Unused stamp with original gum
NG (*) No Gum Unused stamp without gum and without mount
USED Used Used stamp. This designation we use also for canceled stamps with original intact gum.


Section numismatics (coins) and faleristics (orders and medals)

Designation used by VIVIDO Meaning Abbreviated Description
PROOF Proof / Prooflike Coins issued exclusively for collector’s purposes. They are distinguished from circulation coins by high processing quality (high glance, sharpness of relief, etc.)
BU Brilliant Uncirculated The coin in perfect condition contains no traces of wear, handling or traces arising from contact with other coins.
UNC / U Uncirculated The coin has no traces of wear and tear but may contain slight traces caused by handling (stains on the surface, decrease in shine)
AU About Uncirculated The coin contains light traces of wear, but at least half of the original glance of the coin is preserved.
EF Extra Fine The motif and text of the coin is slightly worn out by use but is clearly recognizable, the coin contains the remnants of the original shine.
VF Very Fine The highest protruding parts of the coin or text theme are worn out but the main details are easy to read.
F Fine The coin shows slight to moderate wear. However, the overall theme and text are still recognizable.
VG Very Good The coin is worn out, the main details are worn (flat).
G Good Heavily worn coin. Although the main motif is recognizable, most of its parts are flat (stained). Some parts of the text are illegible.

Notaphylia (banknotes) and filocardia  (postcards) section

Designation used by VIVIDO Meaning Abbreviated Description
UNC / U Uncirculated The banknote is without any defects as if directly from the printer. The corners of the banknote are sharp, the banknote is not even easily bent. The banknote has its original shine.
AU About Uncirculated This quality of the banknote may contain light signs of manipulation in the bank, e.g. when calculating. Among these signs are lightly bent corner or a light fold in the center. However, these signs must not be present at the same time. The banknote has its original shine.
EF Extremely Fine High quality banknote with light handling signs. It may contain a maximum of three light bends or one stronger fold.
VF Very Fine The banknote may contain several folds horizontally or vertically. The paper contains only minimal traces of pollution. Corners can be slightly worn but not completely rounded. The banknote must not be torn.
F Fine The banknote contains signs of use. Edges may contain small cracks but they do not interfere with the image. The colour is clean but not very sharp.
VG Very Good The banknote contains clear signs of use. Corners can be rounded, cracks can interfere with the image itself. Small perforations resulting from use or holes from staples are allowed.
G Good Worn-out banknote. It contains many folds, perforations, pollution, rounded corners, often also graffiti. Larger parts of the banknote may be missing.
FA Fair Heavily worn banknote. In addition to the signs described in category G, up to half of the banknote may be missing.
P Poor Totally destroyed banknote with missing parts, large perforations and pollution. Parts of the banknote may be glued with tape.


Interior section and Others

The items offered in these sections can be very diverse therefore we generally use the designation that describes its condition best.


Designation used by VIVIDO Abbreviated Description
NEW The item is new, unused and mostly in the original package, which can be worn out.
BARELY USED The object shows small signs of wear – it is in a very well-preserved state.
USED The object contains imperfections caused by normal use but it is complete and no part of it is missing.
POOR A heavily worn object, some parts may be missing.


The description of the item with the determination of its quality provides together with the photo documentation basic information on the item offered. If you have any questions about the presented item do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to supplement the necessary information.






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