Transport and delivery

Transport and Delivery

Transport and delivery of the purchased items is possible in two ways: Via mail or by personal acceptance. The costs associated with the delivery of the goods and their receipt shall be borne by the buyer in accordance with the confirmed order.

  1. Delivery by mail

The object of the purchase shall be sent from the Slovak Republic via the services of Slovak Post. An overview of transport and delivery costs is given in the table below:

Destination Type of shipment / expected delivery time
Regular letter up to 50g Registered letter up to 50g Registered letter up to 2 kg Parcel
Slovak republic 1,00 EUR 2,00 EUR 4,50 EUR 5,00 EUR
2 – 3 days 2 – 3 days 2 – 3 days 2 – 3 days
Czech Republic 1,50 EUR 5,00 EUR 14,00 EUR 14,00 EUR
3 – 5 days 3 – 5 days 3 – 5 days 4 – 7 days
Other EU countries 1,50 EUR 6,00 EUR 16,00 EUR 30,00 EUR
3 – 5 days 3 – 5 days 3 – 5 days 4 – 7 days
Countries outside EU 1,55 EUR 6,00 EUR 16,00 EUR 30,00 EUR
5 – 8 days 5 – 8 days 7 – 8 days 7 – 10 days

The subject of the purchase shall be sent to the buyer within 2 working days from receipt of the payment of the purchase price. The buyer shall be informed of the shipment by e-mail message, which will also include a photo of the shipment. In the case of registered shipments or parcels, the buyer will also receive in e-mail message the registration number of the shipment so that he can track the shipment.

  1. Personal acceptance

Personal acceptance of the object of purchase by the buyer is permissible. In the case of personal collection of the item of purchase, the latter is ready for receipt for 10 calendar days from notification to the buyer. Personal collection is carried out by prior agreement at: Račianska 69/B, 831 02 Bratislava. Within the capital city of Bratislava, the e-shop offers free delivery of goods to the buyer, which will take place after agreement with the buyer concerning both the time and place of delivery. In case of personal acceptance, the buyer will sign the invoice to confirm the handing over the goods.





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